Mark:   “When I was a child my best friend was my pet. It wasn`t a dog or a cat. It was a little hamster. He was so cute with a short brown tail. Was he naughty? Well, sometimes he was quite naughty. He was also very noisy and he wasn’t obedient at all. But he was very interesting and he was my first friend.”

John:   “When I was 10 my best friend was Nicola. He was very stubborn. And sometimes he was bad-behaved. But he was very friendly. I wasn’t so friendly. I was very shy then, and Nicola wasn`t. We were always together. During spring the weather was nice and we were out all day. We weren`t at home at all. We were at home only at night. When the weather was bad and foggy or rainy and snowy we were at the attic of my house. It was our home when the weather wasn’t nice. There was one old bed and some chairs. There were some old curtains and a carpet. And there was a radio but it wasn`t in order. We really weren`t bored there. We were very happy there.”

Mary:   “When I was in high school my best friend was a boy from Spain. He was very shy but also very handsome. He was tall. His curly long hair was very attractive. I was actually in love with him. I think many girls in our school were too. We were at the same class. He was good at maths and art, and I wasn’t. I was good at languages. We were 16 years old and we were inseparable.”


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