Love is the most wonderful thing on earth! Two people meet each other and crown their love with marriage. The final act of love! Let me introduce myself. I'm Ann and I'm going to tell the story about my wedding.

My wedding was two months ago. The first decision to be made was whether we wanted a church or civil ceremony. A civil wedding meant going to the local registry office, along with two witnesses for the ceremony.

My friend Ellen said she had never seen such a lovely weeding before. Traditional wedding customs on my wedding included the well known English rhyme which went like this: "Something Old, something New, something Borrowed and something Blue." One of my first tasks as a bride was to choose my bridesmaids. Their job was to help me during my wedding preparations. After my bridesmaids had helped me in choosing my wedding dress I assisted them in choosing their outfits. Before Ellen bought the dress for my wedding party she had read the book of "superstitions". White, blue, silver and gold are considered the luckiest shades. Nothing black, green, brown, purple should be worn by the bride;

Married in white, You have chosen a right.
Married in blue, Your lover is true.
Married in pink, Your fortunes will sink.
Married in green, You will not long be seen.
Married in red, You'll wish you were dead.
Married in yellow, Ashamed of the fellow.
Married in brown, You'll live out of town.
Married in grey, You'll live far away.
Married in black, You'll wish you were back.

After we had decided on our guest list we sent invitations and booked the wedding cars, organized the reception, sent for the photographer and bought flowers. When we chose the church, the minister advised us on the form of service, choice of hymns and wedding music.

I and my future husband Thomas decided on the song which we heard when we first met.

After the wedding ceremony I threw the bouquet and... who caught it?! Ellen, of course!

This is what the groom Thomas said about the same occasion. I remember when I had first seen Ann. I had been very nervous that day. I had lost my job and had to return some money to my friend. While I was walking in the rain I suddenly saw Ann with beautiful blonde curls sliding along her neck and face, big blue eyes as a big blue sea…the moment was perfect... I heard the wedding bells in my head.

I chose Charles to be my best man. Charles organized the "Stag night". Like most people, we didn't know the origin of the customs for such a night but we knew some of the most popular ideas for Stag night activities like "Go Kart Racing (indoor or outdoor), Paintball, Overnight ferry trip". Charles chose the last one.

Before we went to the honeymoon we had opened our presents (now you probably know what we did on our first wedding night as a newlywed couple). We spent our honeymoon in Paris where we enjoyed the first days of our marriage. We had never felt better!




Nouns (imenice):Verbs (glagoli):
earth – zemlja
marriage – brak
act – čin
wedding – venčanje
decision – odluka
civil ceremony – građanska služba/ceremonija
registry office – matični ured
witness – svedok
ceremony – ceremonija
custom – običaj
rhyme – stih
bride – mlada, nevesta
task – zadatak
bridesmaid – deveruša
wedding dress – venčanica
outfit – odeća
superstition – sujeverje
shade – nijansa
fortune – sreća
groom – mladoženja
invitation – poziv, pozivnica
minister – sveštenik
service – služba
choice – izbor
curls – kovrdže
bell – zvono
best man – kum
Stag night – Momačko veče
origin – poreklo
Paintball – ‘'Paintball''(igra)
honeymoon – medeni mesec
newlywed couple – tek venčani par
bouquet – buket
hymn – himna
fellow – momak, mladić
supper – večera
town hall – gradska skupština
certificate of merit – zahvalnica
puzzle – zagonetka
crown - krunisati
introduce – predstaviti
show - pokazati
take along – povesti sa sobom
attend – prisustvovati
assist - pomagati
consider - smatrati
sink - potonuti
live out of town – živeti van grada
book - rezervisati
advise – posavetovati
return - vratiti
slide along – kliziti niz
throw - baciti
Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):
Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):
final – konačan
local – lokalan
borrowed – pozajmljen
dead – mrtav
ashamed – posramljen, postiđen
suddenly – iznenada
whether – da li



Nouns (imenice):Verbs (glagoli):

earth – world, globe
marriage – matrimony
act – performance
wedding – wedding ceremony, marriage ceremony
decision – determination, conclusion
ceremony – ceremonial occasion
custom – tradition, practice
rhyme – verse
task – duty, chore
bridesmaid – maid of honor
wedding dress – bridal gown, wedding gown
outfit – clothes
superstition – myth, story, belief, legend
shade – tint
fortune – luck
groom – bridegroom
invitation – invite
minister – priest
service – religious service, ceremony
choice – selection
curls – locks
Stag night – bachelor party
origin – beginning, root
bouquet – bunch of flowers
fellow – chap
supper – dinner, evening meal


introduce – present
show – demonstrate
attend – be present
assist – help
consider – think, believe
sink – go down
book – reserve
advise – recommend, suggest
return – turn back, turn back
throw – cast


Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):
Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):

final – last
suddenly – all of a sudden


whether – if




Nouns (imenice):Verbs (glagoli):

earth – sky

marriage – divorce

act – inaction

wedding – divorce

decision – disagreement

civil ceremony – church ceremony

registry office – church

witness – participant

rhyme – prose

bride –groom, bridegroom

task – inactivity, pastime

bridesmaid – bridesman

superstition – fact, reality, truth

shade – light, brightness, lightness

fortune – misfortune

groom – bride

invitation – denial, answer

choice – indecision

Stag night – Bachelorette party

origin – outcome

fellow – stranger, enemy

puzzle – solution

crown -weaken, dishonor

introduce – end, finish

show - hide, withhold

take along – keep, hold

attend – be absent, disregards

assist - discourage

consider - disbelieve, ignore

sink - go up, increase, grow

live out of town – live in the town

book - cancel, disorganise

advise – disapprove, discourage

return - hold, keep, take

throw - receive, catch

Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):
Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):

final – indefinite, introductory

local – foreign

borrowed – owned

dead – alive

ashamed – bold, confident

suddenly – expectedly




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