Jane: Who are Nicola and John?

Sam: Nicola and John are twin brothers. They’re twenty. They are from Liverpool. They are students. Their favourite cars are a Porsche and a Mercedes. Nicola’s favourite singers are Whitney Huston and Tina Turner.

Jane: Are they married?

Sam: No, they aren’t. Their two sisters are married. Their husbands are very nice.

Jane: How old are their sisters?

Sam: Maria and Marion are twenty-eight.

Jane: Are Nicola and John your neighbours?

Sam: Yes, they are.

Jane: Are Maria and Marion twin sisters?

Sam: Yes, they are.

Jane: Are their sisters from Liverpool?

Sam: Yes, they are.

Jane: They are very nice girls.

Sam: Yes, they are.

Jane: What are their jobs?

Sam: Maria is a teacher and Marion is a secretary.

Jane: Are Nicola and John British?

Sam: Yes, they are.

Jane: Are their parents British?

Sam: No, they aren’t. They are Italian.

Jane: Are they from Italy?

Sam: Yes, they are!

Jane: What are their jobs? Are they teachers?

Sam: No, they aren’t. They are doctors.

Jane: How old are they?

Sam: Their mother is fifty and their father is fifty-five.

Jane: What is their telephone number, please?

Sam: oh seven five eight double nine six double three.

Jane: Is this their number? 075899633?

Sam: Yes, it is.

Jane: Thank you. And, what’s your telephone number Sam?

Sam: double oh six three double two nine seven double one

Jane: 0063229711?

Sam: Yes.

Jane: Ok, bye Sam.

Sam: Bye, Jane.






Nouns (imenice):Verbs (glagoli):
twin brothers –blizanci
twin – blizanac
twenty – dvadeset
thirty-two – trideset dva
twenty-eight – dvadeset osam
neighbour – sused, komšija
twin sisters – bliznakinje
parent – roditelj
how old are you? – koliko imaš godina?
fifty – pedeset
fifty-five – pedeset pet
oh – nula (samo kad su u pitanju brojevi telefona)
mother – majka
father – otac
husband – suprug, muž
be married – biti venčan
Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):
Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):
nice – fin
double – duplo
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