I know it is not usual that a woman in her mid-forties writes to a teenagers’ magazine problem page. I wanted to hear some teenagers’ opinion about the problem my son has. He is convinced that his acne will prevent any girl from fancying him. Ever! Is there any truth in this?

Worried mother

Sam Richards, 16: The worst thing about acne is that it lowers confidence. If he tells himself that it is unimportant, however, it will become unimportant.

Sandy Black, 16: No, but if he wants medical treatment, don’t patronize him by saying that girls pick boys on the basis of personality; let him have his way.

Alex Jones, 15: It depends if he has personality – if he doesn’t, girls will totally ignore him; if he does, girls will like him briefly, and than decide they don’t like his personality after all and hate him instead. The same is true with acne, so it’s probably best not to worry.

Linda Hart, 14: Well, if he stops thinking about it all the time, he will certainly feel better. If he thinks about his qualities more often, it will make him calmer.

Ellie Smith, 16: No, there is always someone out there who will like you for who you are. If he doesn’t stop worrying, he’ll cut himself off from the girls who do like him!

Charlie Matthews, 15: No, he is probably beautiful on the “inside”.

Sarah Allen, 14: Many of my friends don’t mind it if a boy has acne. However, there is a large number of those who do mind. Also, it depends on how bad it is. Having acne may look like a barrier, but then again the type of girls that care about that, aren’t worth bothering with.

Diane Wood, 17: No, so tell him not to worry – I’m sure there’s someone out there for everyone, acne or not acne. Also, remind him that it will soon clear up, especially if he treats it.

Nick McDonald, 17: I’m sure there are some girls who adore boys with acne. If this isn’t true, he can look for love in late-night bus terminals or homes for the blind.

Peter Green, 16: Well, he’s quite right – but not for the reason he thinks. If he chooses to walk in the back corridors of school thinking he’s a kind of a monster, he will not find the girl of his dreams. This kind of thinking only creates a negative reality. Tell him to take centre stage and remind him that his teenage acne will pass (and if it doesn’t, which is unlikely, you will take him to a top dermatologist). In the meantime, he should enjoy himself and stop thinking about himself as a monster face.


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