My name is Angela. I am English and I am a student. My boyfriend’s name is Met. He plays the guitar in a rock group. He likes playing the piano and violin too. On Monday morning he has piano lessons. After that he usually helps his father and mother in their shop. He plays in a club on Friday, Saturday and Wednesday evenings. There are four of them in the group. When they have a concert he has a snack at home at 7 o’clock in the evening. He leaves home at 8 o’clock and he takes a taxi to the club. They usually start playing at 9.00 but he always gets to the club at 8.15 to get things ready. They sometimes have a drink with the owner of the club.  Most people arrive around 9.30. They usually play for an hour and a half and then they have a break. They always have a snack and a drink. They play again from 11.30 to about 1 o’clock. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings he practices with the other musicians. He doesn’t have much money but I love him very much because he likes working! Met calls me every day. We usually go for a walk on Monday evenings or stay at home and watch TV.I love my life but I sometimes cry a lot because I don’t have time to see Met every day.

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