Anna:   Hello. What`s your name?

Sofia:   Hello. My name is Sofia.

Anna:   Where are you from?

Sofia:   I`m from Milan.

Anna:   Are you French?

Sofia:   No, I am not. I`m Italian.

Anna:   What`s your job?

Sofia:     I`m a receptionist in a hotel in London.

Anna:   Are you married?

Sofia:   No, I`m not but I have a boyfriend.

Anna:   Is he Italian?

Sofia:   No, he isn`t. He`s British.

Anna:   What is his name?

Sofia:   His name is Jim.

Anna:   What`s his job?

Sofia:   He`s a jazz musician.

Anna:   Who is Jean?

Sofia:   Jean is my good friend.

Anna:   Is he from Britain?

Sofia:   No, he isn`t. He is from France. He`s a journalist for an international magazine.

Anna:   Is he married?

Sofia:   Yes, he is. His wife is Isabella. She is an economist.

Anna:   Is her family big?

Sofia:   Yes, it is. Her family is big and nice. Her brother Mik is a teacher.

Anna:   Is he married?

Sofia:   No, he isn`t.

Anna:   Who is Emma Nicholson?

Sofia:   She is a nurse in Washington.

Anna:   Is she from Washington?

Sofia:   No, she isn`t. She is from London. Her parents are teachers at the university in Washington.

Anna:   Are they happy in Washington?

Sofia:   Yes,they are.

Anna:   Bye, Sofia.

Sofia:   Bye, Anna.


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