Have you ever been interested in dreams? Do you usually dream? How long do you usually dream about something or somebody? Do you dream in colour or in black and white?

Andrea, an English student was questioned about dreams. Let’s see some of the answers:

Doctor Lee: Andrea what do you think? Do all of us have dreams every night?

Andrea: I think they do but they aren’t aware about that fact.

Doctor Lee: Correct. You see, you start dreaming about 90 minutes after you fall asleep. The first dream lasts for five to ten minutes. Then you dream in 90 minutes cycles with the dreams getting longer – your last dream may even last for 50 minutes.

Doctor Lee: Babies dream less than adults, don’t they?

Andrea: I don’t think so. But I’m not 100 per cent sure. Their brain capacity may be stronger and faster, I really don’t know.

Doctor Lee: Babies dream most of the time they are asleep, not in cycles like adults.

Doctor Lee: When you drink alcohol you dream more.

Andrea: This is true, isn’t it?

Doctor Lee: Drinking alcohol or taking drugs make your dreams shorter. You’ve heard this for the first time, haven’t you?

Andrea: Yes, it’s very interesting. Well, I’ll never drink alcohol again. I like dreaming. It helps me escape from reality.

Andrea: People believe that dreaming about death means something terrible is going to happen. But my grandmother thinks it is the other way round. If you dream about death of a person it will make his life longer. You don’t believe in such things, do you?

Doctor Lee: Not really. What I believe is that dreaming about death means the end of a chapter in someone’s life. I read about the research done on the so-called ‘’telepathic’’ dreams. The hypothesis says that some people can see the future in their dreams. I highly doubt this. But the science and time will show.


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