Ten is the year of careless days. The only thing you are worried about is how to spend as much time as possible playing with friends. Still, you are afraid of your parents and how they could stop your play by calling you to come inside for a lunch or something. So, that’s when you start lying seriously about things that parents wouldn’t understand. Later these small lies become more intelligent.

This is also time when most children think they know what they want to be when they grow up. They are more certain about it then later in their life.

What’s interesting is that this is the age when the wish for gaining your friends’ respect becomes stronger - you define your role as somebody or nobody, respected or not respected.

You start showing your interests. You keep asking other people questions – you are curious.

When you’re twenty, you start asking yourself questions: Who am I? What’s the meaning of life? Then you get nervous because you cannot answer them. This is the most confusing period in one’s life. Future seems blurred and it makes you even more nervous. That’s when you desperately start looking for answers. You try with different beliefs, different religions, horoscopes, anything that could foretell the future.

You’re open for new things and you are rather naive because you haven’t had any major disappointments yet. As a consequence, you are easily led and often land in trouble. One moment you feel on the top of the world and the next you’re at the bottom. One day you’re a king, the next day – nothing but a fool.

You’ve already had your first love and you try to persuade yourself it was childish and that you need something more serious. You start thinking about your own family.

For an optimist thirty is one of the happiest ages, for pessimists it marks the end of feeling young. At this age you have to be more careful about what and how much you eat. Your sight often becomes weaker, you hair also. Most people are either married or seriously think about marriage. Those who are not married remember their previous loves and wish they could happen again. Serious thinking about family makes people more responsible and more hard-working. Although this is the top age for making a career, many suffer their great disappointments with their jobs – everything is less beautiful than they expected to be. Nothing is as interesting as they imagined. They feel betrayed and thus less motivated.

Forty is the year of middle-aged, although nobody who is forty wants to admit the fact. This is the age when you know where you stand, and due to that, you are calmer. Although scientists say that your body starts to get smaller when you are thirty, it is said that most forty-year-old men are better looking than ever. On the other hand, women are more worried about wrinkles and grey hair. They are afraid of being less attractive for men.

Most people prepare themselves for the less productive working phase that comes after, and try to earn as much money as possible. Although they are not as motivated as thirty-year-old people, they are still very successful in what they do.

Fifty is the age when people dream about their youth and remember the world they don’t belong to any more. Some feel this is the last moment for falling in love. While staying young is the aim of some people, others start seriously thinking about illnesses. They also often speak about retirement but most don’t consider it a nice thing, for that usually means “death” of an active life. The bravest people start serious political careers. This should be natural, for this should be the wisest period of one’s life.

This is often a period when people search for their origins and make family trees. Bonds with old friends become stronger.

George Orwell said, “At fifty everyone has the face he deserves.”

The best conclusion might be a graffiti that says:

At the beginning you don’t know a thing, in the end you still don’t know a thing but you have lots of experience.


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