Jane:   Oh, my Goodness, I feel awful!

Mary:   What’s the matter? Are you sick?

Jane:   I think I am. I feel dizzy and my arms and legs hurt.

Mary:   Have you got a headache?

Jane:   Yes, I have. What should I do?

Mary:   Well, you certainly shouldn’t go out. You should stay in bed and listen to my advice. Do you cough?

Jane:   No, I don’t.

Mary:   I think you should take cough medicine anyway, just in case. We must prevent things. And you mustn’t smoke, it’s bad for your lungs.

Jane:   But, Mary, I don’t smoke!

Mary:   That’s what all patients say, you won’t fool me! And you must take some aspirin for the temperature.

Jane:   I don’t have a temperature!

Mary:   But you are going to have. We mustn’t wait until the things become worse. What else is wrong with you?

Jane:   Well, I’ve got a sore throat, but…

Mary:   Shhh! You mustn’t speak too much. I’m going to the chemist to get you some special tea for your throat. You needn’t do anything. You should just lie down and rest.

I’m going to take care of you. I’m going to get you some medicine for your stomachache, just in case, if you get the symptoms.

Jane:   It’s OK, Mary, I think I’m not ill anymore. I’m just a little tired, I’m going to be all right.

Mary:   No, no, no! You needn’t worry about anything, my dear friend. I am here to take care of you. Stay in bed, I’m going to the chemist.

(Mary goes out and Jane picks up the telephone.)

Jane:   Hello, Sarah, this is Jane speaking? What’s up?... Listen, can I come to visit you?...No, I’m not sick, I feel very healthy and I need to go out…OK, I’m coming straight away.

(Jane leaves the house in a hurry)


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